Press release

Dear Reader,

Visar Berisha smallIndex Kosova has been part of TNS Kantar for almost 10 years now, bringing together its global expertise in market, media, social and political research.

In September 2016, management division of Kantar has reached a decision which includes re-branding of its twelve operating businesses with a unifying prefix, for example 'Kantar TNS' and 'Kantar Millward Brown'. Index Kosova, being a part of Kantar TNS also changes its brand to Kantar TNS Kosovo.

The new identity and common typeface will be rolled out across all external and internal communications from January 2017. This new identity reflects an 'on-going change programme' that kicked off in January, to encourage greater collaboration between operating brands, and the creation of a new insights group through closer alignment of the company's custom brands. In addition, global operations capabilities have been brought together into a single entity, and the company is moving towards more sharing of services across HR, finance and IT.

The rebranding expresses our desire to present clients with more easily- navigable and connected solutions that brings together the best of Kantar's expertise as a single family of brands serving a common purpose with the ultimate goal of remaining loyal to you.

'Inspiration for an extraordinary world'!


Kindest Regards,

Visar Berisha

Co-founder of Index Kosova